Welcome to the Robotics Society of Iran (RSI) official website. Our goals are:

1)    To internationally extend the scientific and empirical researches among the robotics experts and researchers.

2)    To cooperate with different types of organizations (executive, scientific, research, technical) regarding the evaluation, review and implementation of the plans related to training, technical and research issues.

3)    To provide the robotics related contexts with the training, research and engineering consultancy services.

4)    To publish books, edit the related standards and to produce various scientific journals (robotics basics, advanced articles, adolescents periodicals and etc )

5)    To perform the essential researches and to promote application of the robotics technology in the organizations and industrial/service centers.

6)    To help and persuade forming RSI student groups in all universities and related academic environments as well.

7)    To hold seminars , scientific gatherings and competitions in different levels (regional, national, international) in order to improve the knowledge, skill and creativity of the participants.

8)    To persuade the robotics researchers and to glorify the outstanding professors, scholars, industrialists who are somehow related to robotics science.

9)    To provide the RSI members a vivacious and honest scientific environment.

10) To help ameliorate the occupational levels and opportunities and to sharpen the entrepreneurship spirit in the society members as well.

11) To help upgrade the reliability, credibility, respect and dignity level of experts in the eyes of the customers.