About RSI

About RSI

Our vision is to provide the robotics science stakeholders from all over the world an environment in which they can exchange their technical and scientific ideas.

The followings are our prospective results:

1)    The RSI membership should be considered as a credit for personal and legal entities and a necessity for the students of the related fields.

2)    The RSI membership must have a set of clearly defined advantages.

3)    The RSI society must create tangible results regarding the improvement of the knowledge and technical know-how of the members.

4)    The society must earn significant worldwide credibility.

5)    The RSI society must become a reliable point of reference for the formal and governmental organizations.

6)    Other robotics related industries must advertise the RSI society’s values and credibility.

7)    The improvement in living skills and team-work skills of the members must easily be observed.